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About us

The company was supposed to be a chain of retail stores. So it was until the moment when we began to learn more about the intricacies of the shoe business and identify the needs of the consumer. First of all, we wanted to be as useful as possible for customers and give them the opportunity to purchase the right product without having to travel around the city. This is how a delivery service between stores appeared: if one place does not have the right size, color, model, shoes are brought from the place where they are available. We have learned to save the client's time.

Improving, we added courier delivery to our services: now the buyer does not need to visit the store to pick up the purchase - they began to bring shoes home! From that moment, a modern online trading platform began to take shape, thanks to which a full range of goods is available to users of any region.

We have managed to develop such an online shopping service that is convenient for customers and disposes to orders. They are attracted to: An assortment of shoes. We offer such a choice of goods that allows each user to find a model that really meets his needs in a short time; Low prices. Our sales allow you to purchase shoes with huge discounts, reaching 70%. Full information. Filters will help you narrow your search as much as possible, and the product card contains all the data about each model. Customer focus. Our managers have a high level of professionalism and build trusting relationships with each customer.